About Us

CCQ is a cloud-based quality compliance management solution that provides users with all the tools they need to efficiently conduct quality control.

The solution offers customers the ability to assess, track, and demonstrate compliance with standards, laws and regulations such as the GDPR and ISO.

The system provides a comprehensive overview of the framework of the company and helps users focus on their core business.
CCQ is developed and maintained by Origo, one of Iceland‘s largest providers of information technology solutions, offering hardware, software, consultancy, and technical services.

it‘s a company that‘s renowned for reliability and innovation, and for over two decades we have continuously worked towards addressing the technological demands of our clients.

We place great emphasis on sound professional expertise, and our team of highly qualified experts are committed to providing customers with exceptional service.

In our product design, adaptability is of utmost importance. Companies are incredibly diverse, and CCQ seamlessly adapts to all kinds of businesses, large and small.

The software is constantly in development and can be configured and adjusted to meet your needs and requirements.
Ultimately, our goal is to empower businesses to reach their full potential, and this where CCQ really excels.